Nina Condron (director, Horus Music Limited)

Nina Condron is a director at Horus Music Limited, a fully independent global music distribution and label services company that was the winner of the Queens Award for International Trade 2017. Horus Music started in 2016 after previously operating as a label and management company. Nina has been with the company for over 4 years starting as an intern and landing a permanent position as the business development manager for 3 years until she was promoted to director in 2017. Nina graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Popular Music. As a director of Horus Music, she manages all members of the distribution and business development teams in the UK, India, Korea and Asia Pacific. Her main duties are to develop and expand the company by building new client relationships with artists, labels and stores in the global and digital sphere. She has had experience in lots of different aspects of the music industry including running her own independent label, working at a booking agency, performing at festivals as a solo artist, and putting on gigs for both the label and as a hobby. Horus Music is focused on working with local platforms and has secured deals in Asia that most Western distributors don’t have. Horus Music provides physical distribution in the UK, digital distribution to platforms around the world, online digital PR to help artists increase their online social presence, and playlisting campaigns pitching to independent and service owned playlists on Deezer, YouTube and Spotify. Horus Music also has a separate publishing company Anara Publishing that pitches for sync opportunities in major Hollywood films, games and TV shows.

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